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Loyaltychain is a revolutionary digital ecosystem for small and midsize business powered by AI to manage customer's loyalty
Loyaltychain Ecosystem
How does it work
International business today operates with millions and billions in points of loyalty for various systems. At the same time, the mechanism of exchange between these systems is either not possible in principle, or is very difficult from the point of view of technical implementation.

The business of managing the loyalty market is $ 1.68 billion today and will growth to $ 4.59 Billion by 2021.

Loyaltychain Ecosystem is an infrastructure IT project that allows businesses to create their own solutions for loyalty programs based on the existing multi-functional platform. We use blockchain technology for transparency and security of all processes.

Loyaltychain Ecosystem is designed for small and midsize business to be easy to use . Open platform code creates the opportunities for third-party developers. Additional services and opportunities for multilateral integration allow solving all the tasks of creating loyalty programs or exchanging between them.
Human capital is one of the basic values for any business. The relationship among customers, partners and employees creates a strong and unique product. Loyalty systems are the integral part of any business process.
Key points of our product
Why do we like it
Blockchain security guarantee
Any changes and transactions in the system are recorded in the blockchain with public access. This allows to track all the actions by operators, participants and partners, without any chance to hide them.
The special blockchain technology used in Loyaltychain Ecosystem allows you to make transactions in real time, rather than expect from 10 minutes to 1 hour.
Create your own loyalty program
Loyaltyсhain Ecosystem is a user-friendly platform, which allows business create its own loyalty program. All IT solutions are already done in system. All you need is just to construct your own program.
Powered by AI
Artificial intelligence tracks all actions in the system, organizes and analyzes information. Based on the received data, it offers users optimal solutions and points out errors.
Big Data
Creating loyalty program by Loyaltychain the business operates with the current data to make the best offer to clients.
Investments in business
Loyaltychain platform gives all the necessary solutions to start crowdfunding or ICO complain. Just take the option.
Our History
2014 Idea of loyalty application
2015 Prototype of Addzer application for HoReCa
2016 Addzer application for HoReCa
2017 Addzer working business
2018 Loyaltychain Ecosystem
Get acquainted withour current product ADDZER
Addzer is a social loyalty system. We'll assist you in running a successful advertising campaign through SMM. Addzer helps you to attract new customers.
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